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20 Fresh jQuery Plugin for June 2014

is the most popular library in use today. Today I selected new free jQuery plugins which can help to develop your project must faster and easier.

In this post we have showcased 20 fresh jQuery Plugin for June 2014 –  So here are some interesting collection of fresh and cool jQuery plugins for designers and developers.

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A jQuery plugin for adding simple scrolling effects to web pages.


Draggable Dual-View Slideshow

An experimental slideshow that is draggable and has two views: fullscreen and small carousel. In fullscreen view, a related content area can be viewed.


jQuery Eraser

a plugin that replaces the targeted image by an interactive canvas that can be erased using touch ou mouse moves.



A jQuery plugin helping you layout your HTML5 article.



A smart and very extensible jquery sliding carousel


Scrolling Progress Bar

An animated progress bar that updates the progress based on how far scrolled you are into a content section.



jQuery Plugin for Generating Small World Maps


jQuery Browser Rejection

jQuery Panel Slider

Side panel slider plugin (jQuery) that also slides page.



Scrollify is a jQuery plugin that assists scrolling and smoothly snaps to sections. Fully configurable and optimised for touch.


Instagram Lite

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display a user's Instagram photos



BttrLazyLoading is a Jquery plugin that allows your web application to only load images within the viewport. It also allows you to have different version of an image for 4 different screen.



Brunjo/rowGrid.js is a small, lightweight jQuery plugin for placing images and other items in straight rows.


Adaptive Background

Adaptive Background by Briangonzalez is a simple jQuery plugin that helps users in extracting dominant colours from images and applying it to its parent.



qcTimepicker by Vincent Diep is a lightweight, accessible, highly customizable dropdown time picker jQuery plugin for developers and designers to use in different projects.

MixItUp 2

MixItUp2 is the latest updated version of MixItUp that's the jQuery plugin for animated filtering and sorting. Its much lighter, faster and powerful in functioning and is great for portfolios, galleries and blogs.



Lazy Load is a plugin that delays loading of images in long web pages. It ensures images outside of viewport doesn't get loaded before user scrolls to them.


jQuery Tip Cards

Tip Cards by Pete. R, jQuery Tip Cards is a jQuery plugin that lets users create card layout making it easier to flip through it like they appear on Google Tips.

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