10 Free and Premium WordPress 404 Page Plugins

A 404 page is the error page that users see when the link they’re looking for is dead or broken. It is standard response page in website telling the user, in effect, that they’ve clicked on a broken link.  In this post we are showcasing top 10 free and premium wordpress 404 page plugin that can help you manage 404 page. Hope one of these plugins help you in your next web project.


Create your 404 Page as a normal WordPress Page using the full power of WordPress. You can use a Custom Page Template or Custom Fields, you can set a Featured Image – everything like on every other Page.


Genesis 404 Page

Customize the content of the 404 Page within the Genesis Framework.


Custom 404 Error Page

Use any static page as the 404 error page. Set any page to be used as the 404 error page under “Settings > Reading”.


404 to 301

Automatically redirect all 404 page errors to any page using 301 redirect for SEO. Using this plugin you can redirect users or Google bot to any other pages using 301 redirect method. That will show them as permanently moved and it is good for SEO.


Google 404

Add Google search capabilities to your site’s 404 “page not found” template.



This plugin logs 404 (Page Not Found) errors on your WordPress site. It also logs useful informations like referrer, user address, and error hit count. It is fully compatible with a multisite configuration.


Custom 404 Error Page

Custom 404, creates a 404 page that is set to the default one of your WordPress installation. This page is fully customizable from the dashboard.


404 to Start

Send 404 page not found error directly to start page (or any other page/site) to overcome problems with search engines. With optional email alert.

5sec Proper 404


WordPress Ultimate 404 Plugin

WP Ultimate 404 Plugin gives you full control on your wordpress 404 page. With this plugin you can customize the content and even choose to multiple predefined themes with custom options.

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