10 Best WordPress Charts and Graph Plugin

Looking to add create a graph or chart in your wordpress website? You’re in luck, because we’ve decided to make a list of the best WordPress Charts and Graph Plugin embedding rich and interactive charts and graphs within your blog posts. You can easily integrate these plugins to your websites and make your website more interactive. We hope you will find the list useful to serve your purposes.

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WordPress Charts

Create amazing HTML5 charts easily in WordPress. A flexible and lightweight WordPress chart plugin including 6 customizable chart types.




WordPress Visualizer plugin is a simple, easy to use and quite powerful tool to create, manage and embed interactive charts into your WordPress posts and pages.


Charts Ninja

A great tool for adding charts and graphs to your WordPress website.


Easy Chart Builder

This plugin allows you to easily insert charts into your blog, by way of shortcodes. While multipurpose, the chart system is intended to make it easy for posting detailed review measurements of some sort, such as poll data, video card comparisons, sports scores, etc.



WP Google Charts

Easily integrate google charts, diagrams and tables based on your Google Spreadsheets.


ChartBoot for WordPress

ChartBoot for WordPress Plugin allows to create, edit and embed Google Charts in WordPress Posts and/or Pages.


Iced Visualization Charts

Allows you to insert a Google Visualisation chart by clicking button in TinyMCE and entering the data.


Responsive Charts

‘Responsive Charts’ allows you to create HTML5 animated charts easily in WordPress.



Google Chart WordPress Plugin

A plugin help you to add responsive Google Chart to your post or page via shortcode.



Easy Charts Grid Shortcode for WordPress

NW EasyCharts is a multi-purpose use shortcode, that can be used to show for example your experience in different fields, or, why not, chip tunning performance stats.


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