5 Best WordPress Image Crop Plugins

Here are top 5 WordPress image crop plugins to help you manage your photos with easily. These plugins are easy for use and fully customizable. All the plugins listed below are tested on latest wordpress version. I hope you like this post!!

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Advanced Custom Fields: Image Crop Add-on

This plugin allow you the option to predefine a size for the image, which the user is prompted to crop on the various edit screens.


Image Regenerate & Select Crop

The plugin appends two custom buttons that allows you to regenerate and crop the images, provides details about the image sizes registered in the application and the status of each image sizes for images.



The plugin enhance functionality to crop your automatic cropped images individuell and simple. It add buttons to the edit-pages and media-dialog to access a crop-editor.


Manual Image Crop

Plugin allows you to manually crop all the image sizes registered in your WordPress theme (in particular featured image).


Background Image Cropper

This plugin is a WordPress core feature-plugin that adds cropping to background images for parity with header images.

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