30 Elephant Logo Design Inspiration

Here is a unique 30 Design Inspiration  that will literally make you want to sit at a elephant related brand. These elephant logos are highly detailed and have been designed with high standards in mind. Various businesses are using elephant in their brand images and, depending on the industry they represent, they can come to mean a variety of things.

1. Elephant

A cute and memorable elephant brand.

30 Elephant Logo Design Inspiration

2. Elephant Consulting Logo Design

“Elephant Consulting” Elephant design Face with “E”,”C” bold red color and elephant mean power of consulting. This logo for a consulting business.


3. c-elephant


4. my elephant

Letter M and the elephant.


5. Elephant Jnr.

A cute elephant logo ideal for a childcare or education-based business. Alternative (pink) color included.


6. pink elephant

pink elephant – is a magic creature. for a magic toys or pet store.


7. mouse elephant

Is an elephant still afraid of a mouse if he IS one? Here's two opposites collide and for one cute dichotomy. MousePhant. conquer your fears by becoming one with them.


This is a simple logo using grammar to represent an elephant. This could be used for many different businesses by substituting the text for a different business name if needed.

9. Elephantom

Not only eco-friendly and nature/animal related organizations and companies, but also those who produce cross-generational products, since the logo depicts a parent elephant and a phantom calf.


10. Elephant Parade Events

three elephants, robed in colorful embroidered headdress and saddle blankets are stacked in a vibrant tower of tusked delight. keyideas: embellished, ornate, decorated, fancy, parade, circus, exotic, elephant, tower, stack, fancy, pachyderm, decorated, coffee, candy, parade

11. melephant

A cute elephant ‘m'. this brand could applied to many categories, but Africa or travel related would fit perfectly


12. darkelephant

some story about elephant


13. Fortunato

Whimsical elephant logo related with circus and fun ready for many business.

14. eale

Eale logo, a cute simplified elephant logo.

15. Bubble Gum Circus

This fun logo is great for branding anything related to children, and entertainment!

16. Chargephant

Stylized elephant in charge position. Great for many brands, business and industry.


17. Elnovation

Elephant on rollers.


18. Elconest

Elconest word is made from words elephant and cone. Logo can be used for almost any type of business and companies that wants a strong and recognizable brand.


Logo can be used by cloth, yoga, art, photography, fitness companies. The elephants legs form letter M.

20. elefontbooks

Elephant based logo design for animals, elephants, books, publishing, learning.


Power of art Elephant


22. intelliphant

an elephant light bulb childrens learning logo


23. BluePhantDental

Cute baby elephant in the shape of tooth. Perfect for PEDIATRIC dentist! Kids just love elephants!



24. Tusk

A cute brand featuring a pink elephant.

25. pawoo

This logo was made specially for children toy store, or somethings that are children/kids.


26. Parking

A sitting elephant as a letter “P”. A usable universal logo for any business you like. I can modify it to your colour taste as well as for white bacground.

27. Cute ele

This logo specially design for a elephant caring fund, foundation or organization.


28. Big3

This logo using elephant symbol of big and shape of “3”

29. Fater & Son

Designed for a Father and Son clothing company. Two pink elephants bonding as father & Son.


It`s a little elephant. It may be suited for elephant lovers, for a jewelry or bedings store, for an animal organization or for all who value elephants or the symbols they represent. Has a feminine style i believe.

Written by Julian Anderson

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