12 Best Duplicate and Clone Post WordPress Plugins

Today I would like to share 12 duplicate and clone post wordpress plugin that can help your publishing work. These WordPress plugin can duplicate your pages, posts and custom post by just one click. All the plugins listed below are tested on latest wordpress version. I hope you like this post!!

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Duplicate Post

Clone posts and pages. This plugin allows to clone a post or page, or edit it as a new draft.


Duplicate Page

Duplicate Posts, Pages and Custom Posts easily using single click. You can duplicate your pages, posts and custom post by just one click and it will save as your selected options (draft, private, public, pending).


Multisite Post Duplicator

Duplicate/Copy/Clone any individual page, post or custom post type from one site on your multisite network to another.

Post Duplicator

This plugin was created to make an exact duplicate of a selected post. Custom post types are supported, along with custom taxonomies and custom fields.


Duplicate Page and Post

This plugin can be really useful as you don’t have to do the styling of a page from scratch and you can create replica or clone of a post or post with one click.


WS Post Duplicator

Simply duplicate post, page, custom post types with custom fields.


Advanced Post List

Create custom post lists to display various content. Easy to use Filter & Design as well as highly configurable and extensive.

Duplicate and Merge Posts

Duplicate existing pages on your site, edit them, and merge them back over the original. Think drafts on steroids.


Plugin duplicates the posts, pages all at once based on the post type,post status and even year of posts created.

Post Cloner

Post cloner allows you to easily make complete duplicates of any post on your site. That includes posts, pages and custom post types.

Page and Post Clone

Page and Post Clone plugin creates a clone of a page or post with the same content as the original.

Duplicate WP Page/Post

Duplicate wp page and post plugin provides functionality to creates a clone of page or posts, You can duplicate WP pages, posts and custom post by click and it will be saved as draft.

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