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20 Guitar Based Logo Design Inspiration

Here is a unique 20 guitar based design inspiration  that will literally make you want to sit at a music related brand. Various businesses are using guitar in their brand images and, depending on the industry they represent, they can come to mean a variety of things. These guitar logos are highly detailed and very suitable for school music, music lounge,  or knowledge of music.

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1. decoguitar

An Art Deco inspired guitar with a range of flexible layout possibilities. Would suit a guitar tuition website or school, a music retail outlet, a contemporary music forum/blog or a company or organisation looking to draw on the Art Deco aspects of this brand.

20 Guitar Based Logo Design Inspiration


2. GuitarLine

guitar line logo illustrates the discipline of playing music, warm, and make sense of fun in playing music.  very suitable for school music, or knowledge of music.


3. guitarbook

Education Logos – This logo is suitable for small industries that sell books about the guitar or music, can also be used for training services to play the guitar or music.




5. Terrific Guitars

A website logo to sell guitars!


6. Guitar Doctor

This design would work well for a guitar repair shop or a luthier. It was inspired by my own love of music and the observation that the repair shops I've visited never have a decent system. The visual gimmick or trick is that it combines a caduceus, a common medical symbol, with a guitar. This logo design was featured in LogoLounge, but still has not yet found a home.


7. fireguitar

A versatile logo that can be used in any business such as music industry, shop, etc.


8. Strings & Sticks

Memorable logo, perfect for Guitar and drum music instrument shop, Guitar tuition website or school, Music retail instruments outlet.


9. Music Match

music match – match fire in guitar shape, this logo for music store, music online, mp3 songs, music application, music studio.


10. Air Music

The logo is a an abstract of a guitar, its strings is the smoke coming out of airplanes parade.


11. Bandme

Guitar playing logo


12. Love Accoustic

love accoustic logo can be use for music lover, music academy, music community, or anything related to music business. This logo inspired by are a guitar pin with love shaped, then put the guitar image inside. It's strongly represent the acoustic concept.


13. Rock Ship

This identity fuses a rock guitar and an anchor to create a truly unique brand. Perfect for the music, travel and boating industries.


14. GT Studio

It was actually a client work, and G and T are the initals of two partners founding the studio. So to make it seem relative with music we created an electro guitar with the letters G and T.


15. Ecoustic

Great logo for music related technology.


16. Music Imagine

Logo that can be used in any creativity categories.


17. Country Feeling


18. Gale


19. sheaffer custom electrics


20. Buy Guitar Stuff

This logo was made for one of my clients for their website Buy Guitar Stuff. The website should be working very soon.

Written by Julian Anderson

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